November 16th, 2005


Yes, I know antelopes don't live in the jungle

Know how you sometimes have 'fat days?' Well, today I'm having a thin day. And a good hair day*. On the same day! Chalk it up.

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OK, so I'm (still) reading The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Yes, I know, it's taking bloody ages. That's because of the not-using-the-bus thing, the bus being where I do most of my reading. Anyway, in the book Ken Kesey runs away to Mexico to escape drugs charges, and the cops are after him because they think he's involved in trafficking LSD to the USA. Well duh. They are closing on him and he has a 45-second escape route planned into the jungle. Here's his list of things to take with him:

fishing line
a knife
grass (as in weed, pot, ganja, marijuana, electric puha, etc)

I can understand most of these things, but DDT? WTF? Unless that's short for dexedrine tablets or something. I'm wondering how DDT could be used for survival in the jungle. Spray it on an antelope and wait for it to have slow-running mutated babies? Defoliate the jungle so you can see the animals? *shrug*

So I started thinking, if I had to escape into the jungle and could only take 8 things with me, what would they be? Well, I'd probably take fishing line but I'd take hooks too, because, you know, lassooing fish is hard. I'd have the knife but leave the tablet (no Malach it is not a laptop type one but a paper one ok?), yup, the flashlight. So that's four out of his list. I'd also take a plastic sheet, a decent lighter, a vessel for drinking out of/cooking in, and chocolate. Well, if he can have weed, I can have chocolate, right?

I have yet to find out if he actually ended up doing jungle survival 101 or for how long.

Anyway, anyone want to improve my kit? 8 things...

*Qualifier: For me, a good hair day is when it sticks out evenly all over, instead of just on one side.


First, I just heard from Shiree and her scan came up clear. So, none of the big nasties but I still wonder what's causing the headaches.

And, in a follow-up to my last post, thanks to my learned friends I now have a new list of 8 Essential Things for if I ever have to jump out a window and escape into the jungle. They are as follows:

water purification pills
a yellow submarine
a duiker
a frying pan (for the chocolate dwarf elephant)
a fully loaded apache helicopter
a blunderbuss
an encyclopaedia
a dog

So there you have it. Complete jungle survival kit, ala Tats LJ. I don't know what I'd do without you, guys! ;-)