November 11th, 2005


Metal makes everything better, no really...

I didn't skate today. I feel tired and my body is sore (plus it's windy and I hate skating into the wind).

Tats <-- Woos.

My sensibilities are taking another battering. I think I'm too sensitive, or too naive or something.

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So I need a bit of cheering up. I vote for Serenity and a party at, oh... Sean's place! Yeah.

In other news, I dreamed that I was a WoW priest in real life, and I had to keep people alive. I was really good at it, but oh, the pressure! Much easier to just go "Tell me what to shoot at, boss."


I want cake and chocolate and Charlotte.

FFS what happened to common sense?

In the last two days I have seen these things recommended by the so-called experts:

Prong collars.
Crates as accommodation for dogs.
Crates as a housetraining tool. Yes, you lock your puppy in a tiny space so he won't go. Of course if he does, he'll be forced to sit in it.

My heart is breaking. I want to scream at the people. Instead I guess I should just stop looking.

OK I will stop ranting on about dog stuff now.