November 10th, 2005


Musing would be more fun if I knew what I was trying to say..

I've taken to doing a few pullups off the side of the cubicle each time I use the ladies' at work. This in the interests of getting some extra upper body exercise while taking no extra chunks of time out of my day. It adds up to about 20 a day and my arms feel like they've done something after work, which is very cool and helps no end with my sanity. However, I live in fear of getting caught. I think I'd have a hard time explaining it somehow, never mind that even I think it's a little silly and kind of embarrassing.

Yesterday I paid my 6-monthly visit to Miss Demeanour. This time it was only $130. That place is amazing - they always have something that fits me perfectly and looks good and is heinously expensive. Thus me only going there every six months. This time it's a halter top in silk brocade that matches my hair, with a lace up the back and it's hawt by itself so it's gotta be good right? I discussed this with Kim and with her help, I came up with this justification:

"If it looks good and I like it, I'll wear it a lot, and because it's so well made and not a trend thing I'll still be able to wear it in 10 years so I will get my money's worth out of it."

Pretty good rationalisation, no? Never mind that in 10 years I'll be 45 and unlikely to get away with wearing halter tops

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Finally, my self-improvement mantra for the day - try to be less judgemental. People may have good reasons for behaving in a seemingly idiotic way. Just because I don't know what their reasons are doesn't mean I'm right and they are wrong. Also, don't buy into pointless arguments.

I am in shock.

I just found out that in America it's common practice to 'crate' dogs during the day when their owners are at work.

I had assumed that a crate was a kennel and run setup similar to the ones you see farm dogs in in New Zealand. You know, the ones with a box for sleeping in and an 8 foot by 4 foot cage with room for the dog to move around in? Turns out I'm wrong.

A crate is a plastic box, covered in on all sides except the wire mesh door, that is only just big enough for a dog to stand up and turn around in. That's right folks, a crate is a dog-sized version of the box you put your cat in to take it to the vets. And the dogs are locked in them for up to 8 hours at a time.

I'm gobsmacked, I really am. Yesterday I had a bunch of people jump down my throat on a forum because I said that I think being tied up to a kennel outside is less boring for a dog than being inside. "Chaining is not fair to the dog!!" "It's irresponsible to leave your dog outside unsupervised!"

Apparently locking dogs in a tiny cell for 8 hours a day is somehow better for them. I call cruelty. If you disagree, go sit in one for a while, see if you develop 'separation anxiety.'

*sigh* I have to stop reading forums. It hurts, it really does.

[EDIT] This kind of blows my 'being less judgemental' into the weeds, doesn't it? *grin*