November 8th, 2005


Bright bright sunshiny day

This morning I skated to work. Yes, I actually did it! *pleased with self*

The conversation I had with myself went something like this:

"You should skate to work today."
"Hmm, maybe, it'd be quite nice but I haven't timed it."
"Yes you have, you've skated that distance hundreds of times."
"But what about that ramp bit by the railway station?"
"There's a handrail, you can grab that if you want to stop."
"What if I fall over in front of people?"
"You've made a dick of yourself in public how many times and you're worried about that?" *slap*
"I don't want to get to work all sweaty."
"So wear a different shirt."
"I haven't skated for months, I'm really out of practice.."
"Like riding a bike, silly. Look, do you really want to sit on the bus on a beautiful day like this?"
"You're right. OK. Skating now.."

And you know what? It was fun. It took a bit of getting used to carrying weight on my back, and I was a bit wobbly to start off with, but I didn't fall over and it was really pleasant skating leisurely round the waterfront. It didn't really raise my heartrate any more than walking would, but it was faster and beats the hell out of walking to the bus stop for exercise. Also, with changes of shoes and clothes and the walk down the gorge, it only took 5 minutes longer than catching the bus would've, and it was free!

So yeah, go me. ;-)
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OK, normally I tolerate (read: ignore) the biscuit-wavers. But today they are driving me nuts with their drivel.

If your dog tries to rip your face off, you do not "try to understand it from his point of view," you do not "appease him" and you do not "try to stay under his bite threshold."

You euthanise him. Unless there are extremely extenuating circumstances (like - he's trapped in something and in pain and you're trying to get him out which is hurting him more, or he's been trained to guard and you're sneaking into your house with a mask on). Taking his bone away is not an extenuating circumstance.

If you are a very experienced trainer you may have a hope of rehabilitating a dog like this. Chances are, though, that you are the idiot that set up the situation where the dog was prepared to attack you in the first place by being a fucking biscuit-waver, and you'd have no hope. You're better off ringing the vet.

I don't think the biscuit-wavers would approve of my methods, but they'd bloodywell work.

My apologies for all the swearing. I hate it when a dog has to die because his owner is too stupid to discipline him consistently.