October 31st, 2005



Happy midway-between-equinox-and-solstice, guys and gals! There will be celebration in individual style, which for me is all about the senses. Yes.

Also, I lend a whole new meaning to the term 'magedeath.'

Meanwhile, for the first time in months I snarked someone at work. Not usually my style but, you know, they asked me a question then talked over the top of me when I tried to answer. Guaranteed to bring out my inner snark.

I like hugs. I think they have a beneficial physical effect. You should give, and get, at least a hug a day. Listen to Dr Tats..

I know fireworks are a contentious issue and as an animal lover I should be against them, but I think they are pretty and I like the loud noises and I'm looking forward to the bonfire at Kim's. Also, I had a horse a few years ago, name of Saracen (yes he was big and black), who would come up to the paddock fence to watch the fireworks. I think it's because he'd had a chance to have a good look and could see everything that was happening, so he didn't have anything to fear. First isn't afraid of them either.