October 27th, 2005


Exclusive pagans? Isn't that a contradiction in terms?

So yesterday beagl made a post about whether or not he'd allow a satanist into his home. My view is, it would depend on the satanist, as there are several flavours of satanism, most of them have nothing to do with worshipping satan, and most self-described wannabe satanists are actually just people who like the image and want to be scary.

But anyway, meanwhile there's a discussion going on elsewhere as to whether a catholic boyfriend should be allowed at a pagan ritual. Again, my view is that it would depend on the boyfriend, but the chances are that if he is interested enough to want to attend a ritual, and if he's romantically involved with a pagan woman, then he's probably reasonably open minded and isn't going to try to burn anyone at the stake or start screaming "Heretic!" half way through a blessing.

Apparently not everyone feels the same way I do. That's fine, but I'd love to know when paganism, which is a self-defined thing, suddenly became exclusive. And what the hell justification could one have for excluding anyone, short of prior unacceptable behaviour from that person? Isn't excluding people based on what we think they might do or think, according to our assumptions about their beliefs, a little, well, dumb?


In other news, we signed the papers on the house today. It was all very simple and straightforward and as of tomorrow I can go swing cats in there and dig up the garden any time I want. I'm still waiting for someone to ring up and tell me it's all a big joke and actually I'm not allowed to own property because I'm too irresponsible, and can I give the keys back please?

I'm silly. But Mum rocks. ;-)
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