October 26th, 2005


I love my Mum and other sentimental stuff (skip if you're squeamish)

My Mum arrives today! *skips* I haven't seen her since last Christmas and I've missed her.

Someone said to me this morning, "What if she doesn't like the house you've bought for her?" I gave a glib answer about how we've borrowed extra money for redecoration and improvements to make it suit her taste. But yeah, I'm concerned about this. I mean, she has to live in it for the rest of her life.. *worries, probably needlessly*

So anyway, my activities will be slightly curtailed over the next few days because I plan to hang out with Mum as much as possible. I know some people don't get on with their folks but my Mum is the coolest Mum ever and I love her heaps. She's also one of only three family I have.

Yup, I envy you folks that have cousins and aunties and uncles and grandparents and family gatherings where everyone rehashes all the old disagreements and doesn't really get along but in a pinch you all pull together and you've got somewhere to stay in every town because of your relatives. Me, I have a teeny-tiny family, hence they are all extremely important to me.

So yeah, Mum visiting takes priority over everything, even going to Palmerston North to watch Setsuko ride the Kur. (I don't know how to put those two little dots over the u) She'll ride again and I'll be there. Mum's more important. I really want to show her some of the cool things she can do when she moves here. Suggestions welcome.