October 23rd, 2005


Sense and sensuality

The Edukators won. What can I say? It was 2 hours, 20 minutes long and I wasn't wriggling by the end of it. Thoroughly enjoyed it and - HOT GERMANS!!!!! *slavers* I suggest you go see it.

Also, the new Argentinian steakhouse? Cordoba? Equals the Green Parrot for the best steak in town. $24.50 for the main, cooked just right, enough of it without making me too full to move, nice people, good music, a hot waitress and san gria! Mmm hmmm...

My body's telling me it's had a workout. It feels good. In fact, it seems this weekend is all about the senses. No complaints here.

Also, I want to see Rize. Anyone seen it?