October 22nd, 2005


Because it feels good, why else?

So I'm lying in bed this morning wondering what to do with my THREE WHOLE DAYS OF FREEDOM OMG! since I'd decided to give myself a total mellow break and not even go to aikido. Carrying on lolling was winning, when the phone went off. 'Help!' followed by 'There will be chocolate cookies!' Long story short, there were manymany trips up and down long flights of steps (140 - I counted) carrying boxes of books that were definitely not light reading. Luckily Sophie knows lots of good people and it was a quick job with all the volunteers. I'm also glad I didn't have to do CPR on the moving guy. Now I have even more of an excuse to blob around playing WoW for the rest of the weekend, and the ladies are safely installed in their eyrie. You should go visit them lots. It'll keep you fit.

I feel a large steak coming on. And possibly icecream with strawberries and some chocolate. Simple tastes, me. *dribble*

So anyway, heading back towards town after dropping Jodi and Allyn off, you have to go past the hospital. I've noticed before how ugly our hospital is, but man! It's like a tenement block. It's old, it's architecturally ugly (and I know an architect who would wallop me for putting the word architect and our hospital in the same sentence), and it looks dirty. I know about the MRSA and that doesn't help, but if I had an accident and I saw that thing out of the ambulance window as we drove in, I'd ask them or offer to bribe them to take me to Kenepuru Hospital. I would rather run repeatedly across the road outside blindfolded than risk going in there. This based solely on looking at it from outside. I've never been in and have no intention of doing so. It's depressing.

Personally, I think they should take the bypass money and use it to bulldoze the hospital and build a new one. Why are we spending money on something as frivolous and unpopular as a bypass when our hospital is a hoady old pile of depression and ugliness that just screams 'People come here to die!'? *shudder*

Should I see The Edukators or The World's Fastest Indian tonight? Hmm...
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