October 19th, 2005


This isn't a political blog but sometimes.. oh, sometimes.. I can't help myself

There was an article in the Dompost the other day with a headline that read "Iran develops nuclear weapons for terrorists." Most of the content was taken from this article.

If you actually read the article, you discover that John Bolton has been conjecturing to the UN that Russia, North Korea and Iran are all in cahoots to develop nuclear weapons in Iran to shoot at Western Europe and Israel and possibly to sell to terrorists. It actually says that, with maps showing how the weapons won't -quite- reach England and only just make it to the States, but the rest of the world is *gasp* in danger. It's all written in 'opinion stated as fact' tense, and by the end of the article there isn't even "...he said" or "evidence indicates." Just all this stuff as if it's fact.

So now North Korea is involved. Funny, back in 2000, before North Korea became the boogeyman, it was only Russia and Iran that were TEH EEEVIL!

Anyway, I don't know enough about the details to call how much truth is in this latest spin (however historical evidence says the US will make up anything they like if they want to invade someone). But, what really bugs me about this is that our local newspaper isn't objective enough to headline it so it clearly shows it's some guy's opinion, not a given fact. What are these people trying to do? Get New Zealanders onside by lying to them? Yes, yes, I know, they use sensationalist headlines to get people to read and it's not their responsibility that much of the population is too stupid to realise they are reading an opinion article, not The Truth. It still bugs me. Are there -any- objective papers in New Zealand?

Meanwhile, in the US, a poll has found that President Bush's job approval rating among African Americans is 2 percent, plus or minus 3 percentage points. I think that indicates that 98% of African Americans are smarter than the average US citizen.

And at home, this is the man who almost made it to the top of our government. Hang on, didn't he concede to Helen Clark on the 1st of October? So he lied about that then. And he wants us all to bend over for George Bush. So, um, why did so many people vote for this guy? *sigh* Maybe 98% of African Americans are smarter than the average 'mainstream' kiwi too.

What the hell is mainstream anyway?