October 16th, 2005


Sundays are for relaxing so why do I shop on Sunday?

My Mum's coming for a visit! Yay! *skips*

In other news, First made some new friends. She didn't freak out on us doing handstands and cartwheels, in fact I found she still stays happily beside me while I'm walking on my hands. She's so cool. *beams* It was a very pleasant three-hour walk which wound its way inevitably to the site of the future eco-house where we inhaled the scent of fresh macrocarpa and figured out inventive ways of getting firewood up cliff faces. There was also Indian food of much plenitude. I'm not sure curry and beer really go together. Something about the bubbles isn't right. *collective scream of protest from the general direction of England*

Not so good that we saw a woman with what looked like a pit bull/heading dog cross, who had the lead wrapped around its muzzle like a halter and was still having trouble controlling it. In fact (I didn't notice this but Andrea mentioned it later) she was whacking it with the end of the lead, in the face. FFS, ok so your dog's acting like it wants to come over and eat mine. How do we fix this? I've said it before and I'll say it again. TRAIN YOUR DOGS PEOPLE!!! If you haven't the gumption to train your dog well enough so you can take it for a walk on a flat collar without losing control of it or feeling unsafe, do the world a favour, have it euthanised and get a pet rock. Or *gasp* pay someone to teach you how to train it. And please, don't ever have children.

Speaking of children, today I'm feeling a bit melancholy about Tommy. I miss him. This happens whenever I talk to him on the phone.

But Mum's coming! ;-)
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In which Tats gets all het up about a bit of 'harmless fun' ... again.

This morning I was sent a ' funny' email, entitled "Women's Parking Lot." It described a new parking area that was designed and run by women, then you scrolled down to a photo - which showed a bunch of cars piled up against a wall, looking as though they'd been hit by a tidal wave. In fact it was probably a post-Katrina pic.

OK so I can see what's supposed to be funny about this. What I can't see is why people find it funny enough to mail around, why this particular one was sent to me by a woman, and why anyone would send such a thing to me. Anyone who thinks there's any truth at all in this stereotype, come see me and I'll show you how to parallel park. I learned from my mother. And while I'm at it, anyone who can't reverse a tractor with hay trailer around a tanker loop can sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up too. Yes, I have no sense of humour about this. I make up for that with parking skills. Any questions?

This may or may not mean you, but all those men out there who offer to do things like parallel park and reverse trailers for the ladies in their lives? Stop it. Now. You are not helping, you are making things worse by a) removing the opportunity to learn and b) convincing women that they can't learn. Ladies, your end of the deal is, damn well learn to do it! It's not hard, it just requires practice. We clear? Good. As you were.

In other news, today is the first day that I've come to work without my thermal undergarments on since about June. I have special work ones that are white and flimsy with lace trim (as opposed to my real outdoor ones that are coloured and thick and sensible but Not Pretty). I feel strangely free and summery without them. There may be a dress this week. *gasp*

And, good wishes to all who are undergoing transformations today. I'm thinkin of yah. ;-)