October 15th, 2005


A note to the weather

Stop being all rain-threateny, damnit! I have to see a man about a dog this afternoon and said man and dog have been trying to get together for weeks and the rain keeps stopping them. So play fair. *blows raspberries*

There is weirdness. Some of it is good weirdness and some not-so-good. I'm concerned about People.

I spent all Friday night playing MMORPGs and I'm not ashamed.

And, there are shepherds in the Canary Islands who communicate with each other in whistles (the ones that don't have cellphones, that is). Apparently these whistles stimulate the language part of the brain (so does signing for deaf people btw), just like talking does. People who don't know the whistle-language (silbo) don't get stimulation in their language-centre when they hear it. For some reason I find this fascinating.

Of course I can't help but wonder, if they are using whistles to talk to each other, how do they communicate with their dogs?