October 10th, 2005


Udon noodles from Midnight - $8.00 worth of heaven in a bowl

Whoever originally said this to me was oh so very right. Their cheesecake, however, is slipping. I am beginning a Quest for the best cheesecake in town. Now, I know that at least 25% of the people on my friends list are cheescake afficionados. So cough up. What makes a good cheesecake for you, and where in Wellington might I procure such a thing?

House hunting. I'm learning. If you don't get on to good ones straight away, someone else buys them. This means that I may have to commit more time to looking at them after work. *sigh* Like I don't have enough to do of an evening.

Mind you, the university, in their infinite wisdom, have managed to shorten our training time on Mondays down to 45 minutes. Yup, we get to start at 8.30 (because we're not as big or high profile as kickboxing we get the crappy time slots) and they are closing the building at 9.30. We have to be out before then. It's almost not worth doing. *sigh* Maybe then would be a good time to look at houses.

Shorter hair = more sticky-outy bits. I'm not sure if I like it yet.