October 6th, 2005


For them that likes the splodey things

A competition to push the button on the sinking of F69. Crappy website, but if you get a kick out of blowing things up, this may be the competition for you..

Anyway, 12th November in case anyone didn't know about it already.

Meanwhile First is getting ready to explode with excess fur for the second time this winter - she's getting that raggedy look that means Shedding Will Begin Shortly. It only lasts a couple of weeks but in that time there is a constant cloud of fluff radiating from her. I feel like wrapping her in a net bag and taking it off in a month's time, fur and all. (Don't worry, dragonvyxn, I won't actually do it). Or maybe vacuuming her. *sigh* My next dog is going to be a whippet.

And then there's the oak tree outside the loungeroom window. When I left for Burning Man, it had almost-invisible buds. When I got back, it had exploded into leaf. Now it's best described as 'verdant'. I get a kick out of seeing it every day - so old and so full of young life, and you can almost feel summer in it.

Charlotte rocks. Everyone should have a Charlotte. She made me a skirt with fake cow fur and tweed and velvet. It feels nice to stroke. The question is, do I have the balls to wear it?

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So, um, do we have a government yet?