October 5th, 2005


Vegan alert

Did you know that Stone's Green Ginger Wine contains fish, eggs and milk traces? Gosh. Anyone who can explain to me what role such things would play in wine, I'd love to know. "Fish, for that seafaring character." Hmm..

Last night I dreamed about being at a pagan clothes swap, but we kept all our clothes and swapped the pagans instead. I was very happy with my one. ;-)

Also, Wallace and Grommit was fun, even if the story line was a little formulaic, Grommit's expressions never fail to crack me up and it was wall-to-wall cheesy puns and rabbit jokes, which works for me. And there were lots of clever little inserted funnies that made it cool. Is it my imagination or is CGI starting to get a bit old? Though, I did like the way they'd put fingerprints on the characters to make them look like plasticene.

[EDIT] I was just informed that it's not CGI but stop-motion, the characters are actually plasticene and the fingerprints are actually fingerprints. So the clever device that I was so taken with is just part of the process. *grin* Oh well. The whole stop-motion thing makes it way cooler, to me.

House-buying is complicated.

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This journal is going friends-only for a while. Please comment if you'd like to be added. Thank you.

[EDIT] Everyone I have listed as a friend already will still be able to see this. This notification post is on the random off-chance that anyone else stumbles over it and *gasp* finds it interesting. ;-)