October 4th, 2005


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I just finished reading Venus in Furs, an erotic novel written in 1870. It describes the sado-masochistic relationship between a man and the object of his desire. I'm not generally big on erotic fiction, but this one's pretty damn good. I love the way he says things without saying them - "She pulled me down onto the ottoman with her and there we spent two blissful hours.." It's much more erotic than the graphic descriptions of sex you find in some novels, that leave nothing to the imagination. And yes, I had to curb my inner feminist a little while reading, but nowhere near as much as one would expect for a book from this period. Recommended.

Next on the list is The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, just for something different. ;-)

There are lots of twingy little muscles in my back and shoulders from all the handstanding on Sunday and last night. It's paying off though. I can now stand still on my hands for up to ten seconds without moving. *feeling rather pleased with myself* And as an added bonus, my climbing muscles are getting exercised! Yay for twingy muscles!

Not so yay for achey joints brought on by the sudden move from tatami on sprung wood floor to tatami on concrete for aikido. I'm concerned for my body. It doesn't really hurt, just feels.. stiff after training. Thinking of cutting down to two trainings a week till we get back on a good floor. I don't want to stop completely, but I'm definitely not keen to wreck myself either. Hmm..