October 3rd, 2005


More dreams and some reality

So last night was the pervy dream in which Ashton Kutcher was pursuing me in his inimitable puppy-dog way. Headsup ladies - he's a lousy lover! *grin*

There was an interesting miscommunication with the insurance people. I rang brick-guy and he explained what had happened (apparently the brick rolled about 30m down the bank before landing on my car) and said he's happy to pay for it. So I rang the insurance company, they put me on hold while they rang brick-guy, and then got back to me and said that he had refused liability. *sigh* So I called him back, and it turns out the insurance telephone person had got in his face about it from the word go, started talking about disputes tribunal and legal action, because he said "Send me the stuff and I'll get my insurance company to look at it." Strange. I wonder why she felt the need to be all heavy with him? He seemed like a perfectly reasonable guy to me, and the fact that he left his number for me after it happened implies a basically honest person. Hmm..

So the upshot is yet another insurance assessment (yup, I'm on first name terms with the panelbeater these days) and more new bits for my car. Most likely it won't cost me anything, so that's a positive thing anyway.

I have to stop watching the Dog Whisperer. It's not the guy (although "Dog Whisperer and Action Hero?" Please!), it's the people. I get hot under the collar about people getting dogs and then not looking after them properly. There's this woman. She got a dog and proceeded to not train it. It's got major aggression issues so she calls in this guy. Her dog is hell on wheels, and she's sitting there saying "She's our Special Doggie Bella Angel." Argh! *tears hair* OK, words are nothing really, but they say so much about her attitude..

*takes a few deep breaths* Okay. I think people should have to prove a certain amount of knowledge and pass some sort of personality test before getting dogs or kids. Who wants to give Godwin a ring for me?