October 2nd, 2005


Happy Birthday Kim!!!! *smooch*

We flagged house hunting in favour of Kim's picnic because Kim rocks and picnics in the park are one of the reasons we're alive. It lived up to expectations. Who couldn't enjoy a picnic in which there are almost as many cheeses as people? There were handstands and cartwheels and the French word for bonk and lefthanded nerfing. And much red wine. Mmmm.

Similarly to other folks, we are hoping not too hopefully that our offer on the lovely cottage in Lyall Bay will be accepted. On the 'be realistic' side, there were 104 expressions of interest and you can guarantee that someone will have more money than us. But the joy of having loads of time is that we can take it easy and wait for the best place. This is what I'm telling myself anyway. Back to the open-home mill next weekend.

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Okay, so that was a bit heavy. Normal programming will resume shortly.
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