September 26th, 2005


Happy Birthday Polly!! YES POLLY!!!!! Pombagira's Birthday everyone!! Comment on her blog day!!!!!!!

Today my job makes me want to smoke cigarettes, get my forehead pierced, put on a leather jacket with 'Very Metal' written in studs on the back, and sit around on walls gobbing on people. Yup. Frustration Factor 9, Cap'n, she's gonna blow.

(Actually, she's gonna put on her thinly-veiled-sarcasm hat and make herself feel better by sending up the government department in question, get rid of the angst that way, then present her arguments logically and rationally as to why they should just Shut The Fuck Up and let the experts decide how to do it).. *sigh*

Question: Which suburb would you want your mother living in, Lyall Bay or Johnsonville? Also, which would be the better investment?

And, I thought I'd be heartbroken at the demise of Christopher Eccleston as Dr Who. But the new Doctor is young and hot and has the same 'light up the room' smile, so I'm only mildly depressed about it. Yes, Allyn, synchronicity reigned supreme last night. Also, it has now been proven that it's quicker to run the London marathon course than to drive it. But only if you're a young, fit marathon runner. Me, I still think I'd be better off in a car.

Small snippet of conversation:

Me: Now I have a passport, I have the urge to travel more.
Brother: I can do nothing but encourage you.

See, I still have the best brother. *beam*