September 25th, 2005


Some people pay to have hair like mine - me, I'm just having a Bad Hair Life..

This morning someone compared my hair with Hurricane Rita - starts off at Force 5 and gradually decreases to Force 3. Heh.

Yes, Rita now has 50mph winds. The Slug withstood more in Blackrock desert. So if the petrol companies try to use it as an excuse to put prices up, I will be Protesting Vociferously.

More partying last night. The tequila fairy struck a swathe through the partygoers, providing mucho entertainment for those of us that were driving. Happy Birthday Pearl!! You looked pretty damn happy. *smiles at you*

This afternoon is House Hunting. I feel very grown up and have the urge to mutter arcane phrases such as 'LIM report' and 'subject to finance' and 'creeping damp'. In all honesty I'm not sure I like the idea of open homes. I'd much prefer to just poke around by myself in someone else's house. Oh yeah, they call that burglary don't they?

Anyway, we have 6 houses to look at, which is encouraging in the price range we're looking at. Naturally I'll fall in love with all of them, which is what grist is for - to be staid and sensible and point out that the large cracks in the wall are not 'art' but a sign of earthquake activity. Also to glower at over-friendly real estate agents so I don't have to poke them in the eye. We make a great team, yes we do.

And then there will be pizza! Because there is a place in Wellington that makes pizza that's good.