September 24th, 2005


It isn't easy being green

Yay for dress-ups! There were manymany pretty folks including three (count 'em -three) men in short skirts and angel wings for me to stroke. There was also Jesus peeing in the bathroom with the door open, a vampire who clearly missed his mouth when eating, a mysterious body-less horse head, a greek goddess, an evil vamp, Red Riding Hood and a spring maiden (much much cleavage, oh the cleavage), one very not-miserable goth and lots of velvety dresses for me to feel. Then there were the urban myths (missing kidneys, trickle-down effects, perfect men and something I didn't really get about poking badgers with spoons - anyone want to explain?).. Zorro and the Phantom made a fetching pair too.

I heard many many jokes to do with my costume - "Are you leaving? Already?" etc. The best one, I think, was the one about how Jesus could hide behind me. That reference might be a bit obscure for some people, but Dylan, I enjoy you too. *beam* Also, people let me stroke their hair. Mmm, stroking hair.*

And the green came off before aikido so that was cool. I have enough trouble explaining myself there as it is. If anyone got photos, I wouldn't mind seeing them.

*Try it, you'll see. Hair should be stroked, preferably by me.