September 23rd, 2005


Slug is dead! Long live Slug!

The original Slug died this year at BurningMan. It had been to many many countries as an ambassador for New Zealand's tent industry and had provided shelter for many a weary brow (well, mainly grist's, but on many occasions). Duct tape could not save it, but despite the ragged appearance and frayed flappy bits, The Slug weathered the dust storms and 60 mph winds better than many newer, dome-like structures. And it was quite nice lying inside, looking up through the holes at the stars. Never mind that we had a unique tent amongst many dome-clones. BurningMan was a fitting last trip for The Slug.

The demise of The Slug meant the purchase of a new tent. Did you know that 4 season tunnel tents of any quality cost in excess of $1000? Luckily for me, there's TradeMe. And thank you to that thing I have that brings things into my life just as I need them. Let me present to you, Slug 2. It arrives today and cost me one third of the new price. Plus, it's a fetching lilac like The Original Slug, instead of a garish yellow like the new model. I'm very excited. It's not every day a girl gets a new tent, and for me it's right up there with when I got my first chainsaw. So, the Slug legacy continues...

Meanwhile, remind me never to go 5 days without red meat again. It's bad for my constitution and makes me pallid. Today, after eating meat, I not only have my colour back, but my Bad Hair Week has gone away and I actually feel like working. I don't, however, feel like sewing, which is a problem because I still have much much sewing to do.

Why did I pick a costume that requires work?

Little voice: Ooh! Ooh! I know that one! Because you have no imagination!
Me: Yes I do, shut up.

Doop de doo..
It's the equinox today. I expect somewhere there are druids dancing in groves and such. If the folks that made up the holidays hadn't got so confused about us being in the southern hemisphere, we'd be celebrating Easter too. Instead we get.. oh hang on.. nothing. *sigh*

Things always get a bit weird around the equinox. I'm looking forward to it calming down a little. But yay spring! I might get to use my season pass before all the snow melts.. I might... *hopes*