September 21st, 2005


Back away quietly, nodding and smiling

Question: Am I a freak magnet? I think I might be.

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In other news, I'm at home. Does waking up with a headache and a mouthful of methaphorical carpet constitute good reason to call in sick? Probably not, eh? Does being knocked sideways by crappy news from the other side of the world about people you don't even know and being unable to sleep for thinking about it? Or finally being caught up by the events of the last few weeks so you have no energy and you're in a constant state of semi-downer? Hehe, my jetlag was lagged. ;-) Anyway, none of these are really good reasons but too bad, I'm home anyway and it's doing me good.

And there is sewing. Yup. No, not turning into a spinster, being creative for Polly's party. Unlike Some People, I didn't cheat.

Actually I just didn't think of the costume shop. Doh.