September 19th, 2005


Monday Morning Disease is a real disease. Horses get it.

There is more Tommy drama. How late is too late? Will getting expelled from school aged 10 be enough evidence that things aren't right for a judge to consider that the home life may not all be sweetness and roses? *sigh*

Meanwhile, there are houses for sale everywhere and no time to go see them all. I have had a brainwave regarding the Devon Street gathering of mythological beings. It's a lovely day. I don't feel like working, I feel like going clothes shopping. Someone please restrain me?

I want to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I expect I'll be going by myself, somehow, if they even release it here. Can't find it anywhere on the 'Coming Soons'.

I feel a bit melancholy and I don't know why.

OK, dumb qotd: "My dogs didn't stop going to the bathroom in the house until I installed a dog door for them."

This is the stupidest use of the term 'going to the bathroom' I've ever heard. Hello, your dogs are urinating, defecating, pissing, shitting, crapping, puddling, evacuating, messing, 'having accidents', pooing or weeing. They are not 'going to the bathroom', unless, of course, they are actually doing it in the bathroom. Which is unlikely. Why can't people say what they mean instead of this twisted anthropomorphism bollocks? Is it so distasteful to say a word that means 'shitting' that we have to use flowery language? Does avoiding using the word 'crap' make it smell better when you clean it up? People, please. They are dogs. They smell. They crap and scratch and lick their own asses, then you kiss their mouths. Get real.

[/rant] I feel better now.