September 18th, 2005


This Sunday has been brought to me by the letters J and A

Namely, Jodi, Allyn, Ashley, Jez and Andrea, hosts extraordinaire all. What better way to spend a rainy Sunday than in the company of quality people, eating delicious food and having rambling and enjoyable conversations?

What's that? Shagging? Yeah, ok. What other better way?

Anyway, thank you to folks. Also to Kris for being my oldest Wellington friend and to Kris's Mum for being so cool and putting me on to new and exciting places to explore and for knowing about the various merits of types of tents.

I watched Fear and Loathing last night and was reminded of how talented Johnny Depp is. There was much laughter.

Also, the list of BM-ers for next year is lengthening, I think. Wellington may very well need its own flag for this. I feel very home now, and welcomed. It's nice.

*pointedly not talking about the election,still awaiting a solid result but a bit hopeful*

[EDIT] Oh yeah.. Jodi said 'biscuits', instead of cookies. Thomas and Kim would be so proud. ;-)


For those of you who plan to be at Phat '06, you may find yourselves also interested in the Kiwiburn. It starts on 2 Jan (after Phat finishes, I guess), and may just add something to your trip.