September 16th, 2005


Anyone here who's in touch with the gods of communication, please kick them for me.


Late night important phone call from Mum, me not home, call her back, no reply. Now my email doesn't like me. Can someone explain to me what "Connection refused. Server replied: 111" means?"

[EDIT] So I googled the error and there is stuff out there saying what it's about, but unfortunately it's all in geekspeak and I can't make head nor tail of it. Somebody please help?

Also, the spammers have found my domain. *sigh* Yup, I'm getting multiple emails telling me my account has been suspended and trying to get me to open an attachment. Yeah right. Only, at the moment I'm not even getting them, because it's not working incoming either. No email? *dies* So anyone trying to contact me, text is about the only way right now. *crosses fingers that -that- still works*

In other news, I took my belt in a notch this morning. I've had these jeans* a week and they seem to have grown disproportionately, as has the belt. Is this normal, or should I be concerned?

And I'm told we may get some wind today. I never thought I'd miss the nor'wester, but strangely I do.

*Yup, we have the dorky casual Fridays at my work. Because we are Oh So Corporate. I am coming to the conclusion that there is an age at which one should consider not wearing jeans any more.
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