September 15th, 2005


It's supposed to be windy, damnit!

I never know what to do when someone in the street offers me a leaflet. I mean, in SF it was usually a coupon offering a 'free intelligence test' by the Scientologists. So, um, the test is whether you actually go see them or throw the thing away. I think I passed. But what a waste of trees. In NZ it's usually a religious tract of some description, again with the dead trees for no good reason.

This morning I got given one (and as usual was too polite to say "not interested and stop killing the trees will you?") full of political stuff. Apparently the Council of Trade Unions is backing Labour. It contained a bunch of stuff they reckon National will do if voted in, including abolishing the minimum wage, bringing back the Employment Contracts Act (noooo!!) and reversing the four weeks holiday a year law that is supposed to come into effect next year. So, is any of this stuff true? Oh yeah, abolish the minimum wage! Mmm hmm, that'll buy votes!

I just can't imagine businesses paying decent money to young people who a) aren't confident enough to sell themselves well and b) are emasculated by the ECA. *sigh* Isn't it hard enough for them already?

OK enough with the politics. House-hunting starts today. It's both exciting and terrifying. The idea of tying up so much of my income for so long freaks me out. On the other hand - assets! Whoah! I feel like a grown-up. *vaccillates*

And, I had a cup of tea outdoors this morning before work. It was nice. What's with all this unseasonal warmth and stillness? Where are my equinox storms?
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