September 14th, 2005


The power of suggestion

Yesterday someone said to me "You look tired. Are you jetlagged?" I was feeling fine until that happened. As of then, I started to feel tired. By the end of the day everyone I interacted with was telling me I looked tired. Way to make a girl feel better guys!

I'm pretty sure I'm not jetlagged. I mean, it was evening when we left San Francisco, and morning when we got to NZ twelve hours later, so it's not as if the time's doing anything freaky. And I slept twelve hours Sunday night. So no, I reckon it's just all the people's expectations that I should be tired, playing with my mind. Can we say 'highly suggestible'?

I went to the Head. It was like coming home for real. The rocks warm from the sun, the sea, the sunset.. the sand has come back too which means the Long Wall is climbable again. I saw some migrating birds coming in to land and felt very moved. Then there were fish and chips, ones that taste like fnc should taste. I think that, combined with the Head doing its magic on me, blissed me out so much that I crashed at 8pm.

I saw the results of the 'best of' poll in Wellington. Apparently Fidel's is the best cafe, Devon St has the best hairpin bend (why yes, yes it does) and Kerry Prendergast is the best dressed (sorry Greg!). That might be a pisstake though because Blanket Guy (one of our street people for all you not from here) got third. Wellington Trawling got best fnc with Aro third. I tend to agree because WT does miles better fish than Aro, but Aro is first in my heart, because their chips are Ambrosia. Yes.

And I bought red lipstick duty free. Someone give me an excuse to wear it! Incidentally, I forgot all about duty free alcohol. What does that say about me? ;-)
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This is cool

Well, I thought so anyway..

Results of the MindShaft social anthropology experiment at this year's BurningMan.

Ever heard of the Merry Pranksters? We met Dr Really. We ended up with a clown with a 15 year history of being part of Grateful Dead concerts. Spent an hour chasing this thing through the streets of San Francisco. Long story.