September 11th, 2005


The flightless bird has landed - wheesplat takes on a whole new meaning.

275 emails later..

So, Burning Man. Hmm. Well golly. Definitely ranks as the most surreal experience of my lifetime, and that's saying something. At the moment it's in my head as a series of vignettes and instances that make no sense, much like the video clip for Donde Esta L'Apollo (sp?) by Headless Chickens.

Being chased around the desert by a flying carpet full of bunnies, fed a peach with my eyes closed by a beautiful girl wearing nothing but a smile, branding butts in the desert sun, roller disco, being lost inside the man. Fairyland. Goodwill. Sharing. Beautiful people, ugly people. Connecting, being disconnected. Thinking I'm hallucinating only to find that it's all real. Paul Oakenfold live (we're not worthy!)..

I WANT SOME EL WIRE!!! In fact I am going to get some.

This will untangle over time, there will be sharing of stories but better told live I think. There will be photos when decompression allows. I have a playa name now. *grin*

Anybody want some playa dust? I have plenty to spare. And Pearl, did you get home ok? Didn't see you on the plane this morning.

San Francisco? A series of "Oh wow this is the best *insert food type here* I have ever eaten" moments. With the exception of Fish and Chips. Yes, I found some.

Piccadilly Fish and Chips, Polk St, San Francisco
Price: Hard to tell but around $5 (they messed up my order due to language difficulties)
Fish: The kind of thing we buy in the supermarket. Cooked then frozen then cooked again. Tiny (half a dollar bill size)
Chips: Inconsistent, soggy and cold.
Service: Tried to be friendly but we couldn't understand each other. Fairly quick.
Rating: 1.5/10. Take off a point if you live in SF - I gave it an extra one because of the exotic location. Both of us felt ill after eating. Not recommended.

I think the San Franciscans should stick to what they do best, which is every other kind of food. Notable were: House of Nanking Chinese. Nazario's Pizza, Mona Lisa Italian, Giordano Bros sandwiches, Caffe DeLucchi coffee (and Cafe Roma), and the sushi place in Berkeley that dragonvyxn took us to, the name of which escapes me (damn)

Oh yes Jodi, you were so right about the food. *drools*

And it rocked to meet you Jonathan. Good times! *hug*

Right. Unpacking.