August 27th, 2005


Wide eyed country girl goes to the big city

Whoah. San Francisco!

For those of you who heard about the Burner Hostel meltdown, rest assured I've been in contact with Hagey and we are still being accommodated, since we came from the furthest away. Whew!

OK to business - things I've noticed so far:

The toilets. OMG beware of splashback and don't fall in because you'll drown!
The mailboxes have no hole. You actually have to pull them open. (OK so anyone who's watched the Simpsons should know this but I didn't and felt a right nana having to ask someone).
The Green Man. He doesn't exist. Here he's a silver sparkly man and he's not replaced by a red man but by a red 'stop' hand with a countdown of how many seconds you have before you get run over. Very cool.

House of Nanking has the best Chinese food I have -ever- eaten. Ever. So full. I found a bookshop o loveliness. And somebody tell Brooke, we were approached by someone who wanted to know where we got our hair done! *grin* He was disappointed to find out how far he'd have to swim.

It's sunny (apparently it always is in California) and warm and you can get water, tampons and chocolate for $4.50 (do your own maths, still cheap). So far so good. On a greyhound to Reno in about three hours, meanwhile time to go sploring!

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