August 25th, 2005


Never say never

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So much for that.

Our dojo has been shifted because they are doing up the dance room at the university. Sadly the tatami haven't been shifted yet so last night we did swords. Apart from the yelling, it was fun. I don't like yelling and I don't see why you have to raise your voice in order to project energy. Sliding one's bare feet across synthetic carpet repeatedly makes for some interesting sensations too. I expect if you were to learn an art like kendo, you'd end up with some interesting muscle development. Those armpit ones are twinging again.

OK so last night I dreamed that Andi was being attacked by gnomes, she was killing them easily with her katana but there were many many gnomes (the Holy Gnoman Empire? The Human G-Nome Project?) and they just kept coming and coming - not in overwhelming numbers, just enough so she never got to relax. It was on a beach and I kept thinking "Wait for the tide to come in, they'll all drown" but it was like she -wanted- to fight them. Hmm.. can gnomes swim? Foo?

There is someone with shinier hair than me. OMG it's shiny! *gets sunglasses*

Can you tell I'm finding it hard to focus today?