August 24th, 2005



I finished Buffy! That's two years almost to the day. And I liked the way they ended it, although they probably could've dispensed with the middle six episodes of Season 7 and they should've killed Kennedy. Now for Dr Who and Firefly. I shall probably go see Serenity while in the US, by the way. Well, you would too, you know it..

Kudos to my colleagues in Auckland. I've discovered it's no harder to gain respect with purple hair than without it.

I've packed my bag. Tomorrow there will be the luscious Sophie, the changing of currency, the re-purpling of bits and a whizz round to Polly's to pick up Mysterious Packages. Somewhere there may be attempts at something resembling work.

Oh yes, and I made a silver slinky dress that laces up the sides, out of a survival blanket. I don't think it'll be that thermally effective, but SHINY!!

Two more sleeps..