August 22nd, 2005


I'm sure the government is involved somehow.. ;-)

Last night I dreamed that World of Warcraft was being used as the vehicle to brainwash people into committing evil deeds and that someone was playing with time and it was my job to save the world. Can we say Hero Complex? Either that or I secretly want to be Dr Who's sidekick.. Anyway, the world didn't get saved because I had one of those 'Oh shit' moments, waking up with 20 mins to get up, dressed, and to work. And I made it! Go me! Anyway, if your coffee starts disappearing and reappearing in the next room, be afraid. Be very afraid. And Polly, thanks for holding my hand. *smile*

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Of course work is a complete waste of everyone's time this week, I have sent round the 'this is where I'll be when you can't find me in my usual dark corner and this is why I have freaky hair' email, and since then I've been explaining what Burning Man is to all my workmates. However, I'm here and I guess that counts for something. Apparently our CEO will be finishing while I'm away, but he's only moving next door. Damn. I liked him.

Last night someone guessed my political leanings as centre right and predicted that I would vote for Don Brash. I didn't spray my coffee all over him. I was very restrained. Made me think about how I look and the off judgements people make based on it though.

And, hands up who's really really sick of the sound of jackhammers. I think the thing that really brought home to me how much they are destroying Aro was when they pulled down the building with the dairy in it on the corner of Abel Smith St. I hadn't realised how much of a landmark it was till it was gone.