August 20th, 2005


No slacking off here, nope..

I have purple hair! Well, purple bits.. and black bits.. and it's all sticky-outy and kind of funky. I like it. And there's more. I have to go back on Monday. There was Katipo, only two hours late. I got to talk to Jared. Have I mentioned how cool he is?

Rhiannon has many books, oh so many. I was very relieved to discover that Maire and Rodger have even more books that were staying there and not needing lugging up the stairs. Although I think Allyn would have liked to exercise his Y-chromosome a bit more and was quietly wishing that we were shifting the Wellington library. OK, not so quietly. How often do you come across someone who's looking for more work than you can provide them with? He rocks.

The herb garden is beautiful under the full moon, you should go there.

And, tomorrow there will be sausages for sale outside Bunnings in Porirua, cooked by yours truly. Don't let that put you off. Come buy one, and help us fly a venerable Japanese gentleman to NZ for the benefit of aikidoka and, by flow-on effect, all their friends. If you live in Wellington and understand the two-degrees-of-separation thing we have going on here, you know that means you. A worthy cause indeed.

Also, only six days to go! Today I learned the appropriate response to this (Allyn again). You jump up and down waving your arms over your head and making inarticulate giggly-squeaky noises. Try it..