August 19th, 2005


Did you know that senses cause time travel?

Noises that have a weird effect on me No 376: Plastic wheels on cobbles. That noise makes me think of my Mum, and I get a strange feeling of security from it. I'm thinking a dim distant association with being pushed in one of those plastic-wheeled strollers.

Another nostalgia-trigger is those gate latches that consist of a loop of steel bent into a half-circle that slots over the top corner of the gate. My kindergarten had one, and whenever I see one I'm four again, and I have to play with it.

Little voice: You are always four.
Me: No I'm not, shut up.

Tonight is freaky hair night. I'm ridiculously excited. There may be Katipo after.

Oh yeah - only a week to go! *skips* *dances*

[EDIT] More surreal builder moments: My colleague who is middle aged and moustached, dancing around the office like a ballerina doing his imitation of a 'bleeding heart tree-hugging literacy tutor who wants to make people literate to save the world'. I'm not sure what hugging trees has to do with literacy but anyway.. *grin*