August 18th, 2005


Question for geeks

Is it possible for someone to get into your computer from somewhere else and log in to a website from it using their own username?

If a person did such a thing, how would you as the owner of the computer be alerted to such, including finding out said username?

If such a thing happened, what sort of recourse would you have (ie discovering the identity of the person and nailing their ass to the wall)?

Yes, I know I'm waving my ignorance around for the whole world to see, but my usual sources of such information have let me down. And I'm not so proud that I feel I have to hide how much I don't know. Links to things I can study myself are fine.


Ever heard of a You Bastard letter?

It's a tool for when you are very angry with someone, but you don't want to destroy a friendship by letting your anger out at them. It works amazingly well.

What you do is get a piece of paper or a computer and you write that person a You Bastard letter. In it you put everything that has made you angry. Don't hold back. "You did this.." "That wasn't fair.." "How dare you..?" Call them names. Say what you'd really like to say but you know if you did it'd create too big a rift to fix.

When you're done, print it out, fold it up and put it in your pocket. Every time you start to stew on your anger with this person, pull out the letter and read it. It will make you feel better.

After a few days, the things you wrote will start to seem silly, childish, over-dramatised, etc. When this happens you can burn the letter because it's a sign that you're over being angry and you can probably go discuss the problem with the person without having a huge fight. Or you just don't care any more.

I just wrote one. I feel better already.