August 17th, 2005


Of sausages and men

No matter how much you like your job, there will be days when it all seems like too much effort, and no fun. Today is one of those days. Yesterday was spent mustering loud obnoxious cats that talk over the top of people and think they know everything. They became a little more biddable when I reminded them of some of the other sayings about cats - ie there's more than one way to skin one. Maybe I should take my skinning knife and steel to the next meeting. *grumps* Today I feel tired and emotionally drained and more like sleeping than being creative and anal at the same time.

Anyway, because nobody ever writes anything down, it's in my best interests to take notes of the stuff that happens that's relevant to me, and send everyone a copy so they can't change their minds after I've done the work that stems from the discussion. This makes me feel like a damn secretary. Repeat after me "I AM NOT A DAMN SECRETARY!!!" However if I don't do it, everyone forgets what was agreed on and I end up dealing with more crap later on when what I've done doesn't match what they remember. So yeah, today is Damn Secretary Day and that's why today I don't like my job that much.

If you have a pre-cooked sausage that's been frozen, and it thaws out, what should you do to make it keep for four days? Somebody said boil it again, but I'm thinking 'mm, little rocks ensue'. I don't think you can re-freeze them either. Surely just keeping them in the fridge would be the go? Yup, guess who volunteered to sizzle sausies outside Bunnings in Porirua on Sunday? <-- shameless plug

Come buy one, you know you want to..

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