August 15th, 2005


So how's your underwear performing today?

In my browsing around the REI website looking for such innocent things as tent pegs and gas bottles, I came across a section on Performance Underwear. ??? What on earth does performance underwear do? What kind of performing are we talking here? So I researched further. It can, apparently, be used for lots of things.

Compression? Um, what, and why, would you want to compress? Please note the name of the store. *giggle*

Increasing blood flow.. ??

Control moisture? Eliminate scent?

Be fun to wear. Now this one I can understand but does that really count as performing?

Well, I learned something. Here I was thinking the best performance you could get out of your undies was 'doesn't go up your butt'. Speaking of which, apparently undies defy gravity for men too. This was news to me.

And, useful life advice du jour: Never get your hair cut by someone who listens to sport on the radio.

In other news, I just found out I have to fly to Auckland and back for a meeting the day before I head out to the US. I feel like such a jetsetter!