August 8th, 2005


I have green fingers

Not in a 'wow I can grow cool plants' kind of way. In a 'next time use tongs in -both- hands when you're dyeing fabric' kind of way. It's not very becoming. I look kind of undead. And the fabric came out more yellowy than I wanted. Any recommendations how to fade/bleach it?

It is of note that nothing happened this weekend. I didn't snowboard, climb or do aikido. Being a couch potato doesn't sit well with me so I walked a lot - kind of leaning to the right, but walking nonetheless. My friend Charlotte has a huge collection of the -good- 80's music on vinyl. One of my favourites is The Killing Moon.

Fate, up against your will..

And it is nice to have a sparkly house for the weekend, and to be home to enjoy it. I'm reading The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Some Guy. It's very simplistic but I think that's the point. Interesting reading, although I've yet to read the bit about how to deal with other people doing things that make you sad. I mean, I know about accepting or not accepting responsibility, but if it just makes you feel sad, like when people you care about move away. Maybe I should keep reading.

Dizzy spells are Not Fun. I just looked at the work I did on Friday afternoon and there will be rewriting going on this morning. I must get better before Burning Man.