August 4th, 2005


Things that happen over coffee

Seen in the Capital Times - "You can tell someone's age by who their Doctor is." ;-) Mine's Tom Baker but I've decided to claim a new one. Yay for regression.

Also seen in the Capital Times - a survey asking people's opinions on the best of.. cafes, taxi services, parks etc. One of the questions is "Who is the best dressed person in Wellington?" kimeros and I think it would be interesting to see if lj can influence the outcome of such a survey. So if you're interested in helping, please go find a copy of this paper and vote for killifish as Wellington's best-dressed, and tell all your friends to also. He dresses better than any local celebrity I can think of, and it would be cool if Some Random Guy got the title instead of Some Famous Guy. Alternatively, go here to do it online.

And, it seems that spring fever is about. People appear to be casting off gloves and socks willy nilly and leaving them on the streets in a wanton fashion. Oddly, you never -see- anyone shedding their accessories, just the evidence of their undressing (yup, seen undies too and I do -not- want to know how they got there).

Sleep deprivation makes for interesting visions, especially when combined with evocative early-morning texts.

And as evidence that I actually do occasionally work, after 4 months in my job my new keyboard has shiny wear on some of the keys. Notably, the most worn ones are A, E and T. Eat? Ate? Tea? Hmm, I sense a theme..