August 3rd, 2005


A worldwide phenomenonumanonmumthingy

But first, a question. I just read Harpers Weekly, and would like to know if it's true that it's still legal to marry a 13-year-old in Kansas, and if so, why?

Um, anyway. Dr Who. Everybody likes him (stick your hand up now if you don't. What's wrong with you? *slap*). Even people I know who don't watch TV are getting addicted to the wall-to-wall cheese/comedy/mild horror that is the new and not-very-updated Dr Who. So, um, why? Is it the straight-back-to-childhood nostalgia value? The complete lack of anything resembling reality TV? The simple plot lines and monsters that you can't really be scared of? I know at least one person who gets excited because "OMG that UFO almost crashed into my house!" of the setting. Beats me how they get shots of London's main feeds with no cars on them.

Anyway, Christopher Eccleston. Hot or not? I can't decide. On face value, Not. Long nose, big teeth, beady eyes, HUGE ears, Northern accent (lots of planets have a north, sure, but do all the norths talk like they have a cold?). But when he gets that maniacal grin (ie every time something happens that might be interesting), he is transformed, and becomes extremely attractive. Same thing with the wee Top Gear boy. OK, I'm attracted to maniacs, yes yes, save me from myself, etc.

Ho hum. In disturbing news, I noticed this morning that the two most well-thumbed books in our staff room are a bodice-ripper called The Physician (the mind boggles) and The Atkins Diet. I'll say this slowly. Cutting Out A Vital Food Group Is Dangerous.

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But anyway, somehow I don't think I'm going to make millions from it. Not unless I market it in a way that makes it seem much more complicated but without effort.

Maybe I'd be better off writing bodice-rippers.