August 2nd, 2005


Yes sir no sir three bags full sir how high sir which sheep sir?

As I was walking to work this morning there was a chap walking in front of me in a navy uniform. I never saw his face and have no idea what country he was from. Meanwhile, behind me was another chap, dressed in business clothes, yelling abuse. Stuff like "I've been in four armies and a navy so I know what I'm talking about and you're a f*ckwit." And, "Navy's useless, get a real job."

I felt embarrassed on behalf of my country. I don't care if the guy was from the NZ navy or the Swiss navy or whatever, he's chosen to serve and shouldn't have to take unsolicited abuse from some dickhead about it. To his credit he ignored it completely (although his ears under his hat and his crewcut were very red).

Sometimes I do wonder what the point is in NZ having a military force though. I like the fact that we're a neutral country, and I like the peacekeeping and aid roles our armed forces take overseas. But the reality is that if anyone were to decide they wanted to invade us, there's pretty much nothing we could do to defend ourselves, even with new planes and lots of guns. There simply aren't enough of us. And we're not about to start any wars, so what, really, is the point of the military in New Zealand?

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