July 30th, 2005


As a response to the gift-giving thing

In notabouthim's blog yesterday, here if you missed it, I started thinking about some of their theories. Yes, I agree that gift-giving is part of relationships, not necessarily about courtship, just between people in general. But, what type of gift do you give someone you fancy? Hmm.

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If I wasn't such a tightwad and had a paid membership, I'd do one of those poll thingies. But I am a tightwad. So I'll just ask instead. What do gifts mean to you? What would you give someone that you wanted to get to know better? Something permanent? Not permanent? Funny and cheap or impressive and expensive? Dinner and a movie or fnc picnic in the park? What gets your attention when someone gives it to you? And, inevitably, why or why not? Why does it seem to always be the man who's expected to do the giving?

I'm dead curious about this because I've been told that I'm not average and most women like expensive gifts and having money spent on them. So which is it?

Oh yeah, and the daphnes are flowering. *inhales deeply*