July 29th, 2005


An alternative perspective or an altered state

This is interesting. An Iraqi refugee in Beirut’s viewpoint on UNHCR’s methods of collecting money for refugees.

“… it’s about the illegal and humiliating actions of the UNHCR, who using photos of refugees as banners and human-buttons to collect money. This is an abuse of the dignity and humanity of the refugees…”

I’ve sometimes wondered what the kids in the Ethiopia photos (when I was a kid it was Ethiopia) think now they are adults. And I also wonder how these organisations would get folks to open their pockets without the ‘OMG the poor things’ heart-tugging photos.


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Hmm again. Happy place. Lambs, daffodils, green grass, sunshine.. I miss Tinui so much it hurts sometimes.

Also. I made it to 50 friends! w00t! That made my day.