July 27th, 2005


Oooh! ooh! Kathryn!

There's another show with Richard Hammond! It's called Brainiac - Science Abuse and I saw one last night and and and... Squeee!

Um, anyway.. *cough* *shuffle*

Sophie's right, there is less buffer of kindness on people lately. I know that disorders and syndromes are so last week but I'm pretty sure there's something in the lack of Vitamin D leading to angstiness (SADD). So I suggest that everyone gives work the flick today and goes outside to soak up the.. *looks out window* .. never mind.

Maybe buy a punching bag?

I've never been so excited about the purchase of a dust mask and goggles before. ;-)

Craziness - gotta laugh or I'd cry

I just had a call from the passport office.

Apparently the real reason they couldn't find me on their database is because -get this- they spelled my surname wrong on my citizenship registration back in 1975!!! I have a surname that can be a first name, and as a first name it's normally spelled with one L. My surname has two Ls. The citizenship people spelled it with one in the book, despite the fact that it has two on my birth certificate, and all my family's certificates have two. I have had it spelled wrong many many times in my life, but this is the first time it's happened on anything really important. I'm gobsmacked.

The upshot is that I can either apply for a new certificate with the right spelling, which will take more time than I have, or I can accept the wrong spelling on my passport, change the name on my tickets by batting my eyelashes at the travel agents, and sort it out when I get back by applying for a new one when there's no pressure. I opted for the latter.

*shakes head in wonder*