July 26th, 2005


Last night

There was coffee with Sophie. Coffee with Sophie gives me the Happy. Then I did everything wrong at aikido, just when I thought things were going well. That'll teach me for thinking.

Then I dreamed about centaurs. My centaurs were put together properly, not all messed up in the front where the man joins the horse like most centaurs are because people can't figure out how they go together. If you spend enough time looking at horses and thinking about men, it just works out. Mine did anyway, and they made up for my crappiness at aikido.

Today at work I'm cleaning up someone else's mess. It's not the first time I've cleaned up this person's mess. *writes more stuff for the I Rock folder*

The I Rock folder is what I refer to when performance review time rolls round.

Oh, and I fly out one month today. Which reminds me - slightly trite thingy about what we need for happiness:

Someone to love
Something to do
Something to look forward to

Not necessarily in that order. And I have so got someone to love. In fact I have several someones. So there!
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