July 24th, 2005



I have matching pretty underwear for the first time in my life! Kathryn shall henceforth be known as The Matching Undie Pimp. There is something to be said for girly shopping trips. *happy*

Also, in OMG fangirl news, I was watching the dog trials on telly this afternoon and one of the competitors was John Bartlett. This is the man who bred and gave me First, who taught me pretty much everything I know about training sheepdogs and who gave me my first shepherding job. This man has had a huge influence in my life, in many many ways, and is the kind of guy who isn't boxed in by the title 'farmer'. I have huge respect for him, not least for his open mind and his Zen approach to working dogs. Him and his wife are like second parents to me, and seeing him on the telly penning his sheep at the National Dog Trail Champs with a dog I remember from a pup was just the coolest thing ever.

What a rocking weekend.