July 22nd, 2005


1.5m and counting!

Yes folks, it finally snowed on the mountain. So it seems the Take Over The Mountain weekend will be going ahead on 6-7 August. I've done some looking up of costs, and here's what I found:

Collapse )

So there you go. Let me know if you're still keen. ;-)

And, can anyone remember the show where the people would psych themselves up by chanting "Raw meat, raw meat!"? I think it was Private Benjamin, but it's bugging me. Put me out of my misery?

Aerials was lots of fun, I can see us all improving rapidly. kimeros being the dark horse that puts us rock climbers to shame, and allyn doing his best impression of a figurehead. We need to get a boat and attach him to the front of it. Achey bits include just above the knees (although that may be from sumo stance on Wednesday) and a weird little muscle in my armpit. (?) I like trapeze, and find that sweaty palms help with tissu. It's nice to be learning stuff with a bunch of friends, it's a great environment. I believe that allyn and I make up the ADD contingent. Acting like kids is fun!

Builders are funny.

Whenever any of them swear, they always look guiltily at me and apologise. If only they knew..

Also, from this morning:

Me: So who's going to be our rep at the **** team meeting?
All of them: Not me *shuffle* *avoid eye contact*
Me: Why is everyone afraid of the **** team?
All of them (in chorus): I'm not afraid! I'm not! *puff out chest*

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