July 21st, 2005


Fragmented refraction

This morning there was a beautiful man playing beautiful guitar music in Cuba Mall. He smiled at me.

I think I've done something to my toe. It looks like a wee sausage. I didn't notice it happen because of the 'better not f**k up in front of all these people' thing that was taking over my brain at the time.

My Dad has been popping up a lot lately. In dreams, on TV, in the faces and movements of random people on the street, on posters.. everywhere. I think I should do something about it but I'm not sure what.

Lastly, I'd like to enlist the assistance of folk for my costume for Burning Man. What I'd like is Stuff. Relatively small, cool stuff that you don't want, that can be hung. It could be clothing or jewellery (cheap) or anything else that you think could be decorative and funky. It will be given away, probably, and I think it would be cool to take a little bit of my friends with me, you know? So if you have something you can part with, I'd be most grateful. <-- kimeros's idea. She rocks at ideas.

Losing your glasses when you're short sighted is a bad idea.