July 19th, 2005


I should be on LOST

Apparently they couldn't find me because they were looking for someone with a middle name. The other person with my name and date of birth who was registered as a citizen on the same day as me couldn't possibly be *gasp* me. They should have read further down the form to the change of name bit, where it says I didn't get my middle name till I was 15. Idiots. Anyway, thanks to my wonderful 1337 Mum and her record-keeping skillz0rs from hell, they now have the book number, page number and date where I should be, and therefore no more excuses. Except the one where my photo is wrong too. *sigh* They assure me it will be sorted before I fly out. I didn't notice anyone crossing their fingers behind their back when they said it..

So, um, Polly? Can you do the photo thing where you say you know me and I'm not an imposter again please? Because the drug-addict photos are the wrong size and I have to get them done again. *grits teeth*

It kind of kills the excitement a bit when this sort of thing happens. That's probably a good thing, since excitement leads to talking about things too much which leads to Bad Things. Better to contain myself, and Internal Affairs are doing a good job of helping me with that. Wankers. Nope, not excited, not me. Nope. Don't want to share my excitement with anyone. I'll just quietly burst over here in the corner..

Have I mentioned that I rock at my job this week? *whistles*